Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
ID int4 10 null
accounts.ownergroup fk_accounts_ownergroup C
actionsteps.ownergroup fk_actionsteps_ownergroup C
appointments.ownergroup fk_appointments_ownergroup C
campaigns.ownergroup fk_campaigns_ownergroup C
categories.ownergroup fk_categories_ownergroup C
contacts.ownergroup fk_contacts_ownergroup C
contracts.ownergroup fk_contracts_ownergroup C
coupons.ownergroup fk_coupons_ownergroup C
davservers.ownergroup fk_davservers_ownergroup C
davservers.recipientgroup fk_davservers_recipientgroup N
dunning.ownergroup fk_dunning_ownergroup C
events.ownergroup fk_events_ownergroup C
feedservers.ownergroup fk_feedservers_ownergroup C
feedservers.recipientgroup fk_feedservers_recipientgroup N fk_groups2users_group C
items.ownergroup fk_items_ownergroup C
ledgers.ownergroup fk_ledgers_ownergroup C
links.ownergroup fk_links_ownergroup C
mailinglists.ownergroup fk_mailinglists_ownergroup C
mailservers.ownergroup fk_mailservers_ownergroup C
mailservers.recipientgroup fk_mailservers_recipientgroup N
messages.ownergroup fk_messages_ownergroup C
notes.ownergroup fk_notes_ownergroup C
objects.ownergroup fk_objects_ownergroup C
opportunities.ownergroup fk_opportunities_ownergroup C
payments.ownergroup fk_payments_ownergroup C fk_permissions_group C
pricelists.ownergroup fk_pricelists_ownergroup C
projects.ownergroup fk_projects_ownergroup C
records.ownergroup fk_records_ownergroup C
storages.ownergroup fk_storages_ownergroup C
tasks.ownergroup fk_tasks_ownergroup C
tickets.ownergroup fk_tickets_ownergroup C
transactions.ownergroup fk_transactions_ownergroup C

Group ID

creator int4 10 null
users.ID fk_groups_creator N

Creator user ID (defaults to authenticated user on creation)

creationdate int8 19 date_part('epoch'::text, now())

Creation date and time as a Unix time stamp (defaults to current date and time on creation)

lastmodified int8 19 date_part('epoch'::text, now())

Last modification date and time as a Unix time stamp (auto-reset on modification)

leader int4 10 null
users.ID fk_groups_leader N

Leader user ID

activity int2 5 0


name text 2147483647 null

Name (case-insensitively unique)

description text 2147483647 ''::text

Table contained 0 rows


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
pk_groups Primary key Asc ID
s_groups Performance Asc name
u_groups_name Must be unique