Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
ID int4 10 null
davids.davserver fk_davids_davserver C

DAV server ID

owneruser int4 10 null
users.ID fk_davservers_owneruser C

Owner user ID (PUBLIC if owneruser=null and ownergroup=null)

ownergroup int4 10 null
groups.ID fk_davservers_ownergroup C

Owner group ID (PUBLIC if owneruser=null and ownergroup=null)

creator int4 10 null
users.ID fk_davservers_creator N

Creator user ID (defaults to authenticated user on creation)

creationdate int8 19 date_part('epoch'::text, now())

Creation date and time as a Unix time stamp (defaults to current date and time on creation)

lastmodified int8 19 date_part('epoch'::text, now())

Last modification date and time as a Unix time stamp (auto-reset on modification)

recipientuser int4 10 null
users.ID fk_davservers_recipientuser N

Recipient user ID (PUBLIC if recipientuser=null and recipientgroup=null)

recipientgroup int4 10 null
groups.ID fk_davservers_recipientgroup N

Recipient group ID (PUBLIC if recipientuser=null and recipientgroup=null)

activity int2 5 0


name text 2147483647 null


type int2 5 0

Collection type (0=CONTACTS, 2=APPOINTMENTS, 1=TASKS)

url text 2147483647 null

Endpoint URL

username text 2147483647 ''::text


password text 2147483647 ''::text
ctag text 2147483647 ''::text

Collection entity tag (CTag) (caldav-ctag-03)

synctoken text 2147483647 ''::text

Synchronization token (RFC 6578)

description text 2147483647 ''::text

Detailed general description

Table contained 0 rows


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
pk_davservers Primary key Asc ID
i_davservers_noowner Performance Asc ownergroup
i_davservers_owner Performance Asc/Asc owneruser + ownergroup
s_davservers Performance Asc/Asc/Asc name + url + username