Meta data

You can utilize the meta column to store additional meta data about the site or element you are referencing - this works similar to Twitter Cards or Facebook's Open Graph API.

The following attributes are supported

Parameter name Description
url The website URL
site The website name
title The website title
description Content description
image Preview image
video Embedded video
icon Icon for external application 16x16px

Monitor entries

Records are also being used to store information about changes that occured with the related object. Those records are flagged as "Monitor entry" (flag: 3)

The record text represents the changeset that occured. The text value consists of the following elements:

{ACTION} {entity} {index} {name}

For instance, when an object (in the following example a "task") is created, ZeyOS automatically creates a record with the following text:

CREATE tasks 123 Sample task

The following action labels exist:



Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
ID bigserial 19 nextval('"records_ID_seq"'::regclass)
comments.record FK_comments_record C
feedids.record FK_feedids_record N
files.record FK_files_record C
likes.record FK_likes_record C
owneruser int4 10 null
users.ID FK_records_owneruser C

The owner user

ownergroup int4 10 null
groups.ID FK_records_ownergroup C

The owner group (if owneruser and ownergroup are NULL, the element is public)

creator int4 10 null
users.ID FK_records_creator N

The object creator

assigneduser int4 10 null
users.ID FK_records_assigneduser C

The assigned user

creationdate int8 19 (date_part('epoch'::text, now()))::bigint

Last modification date/time (Unix timestamp in seconds)

lastmodified int8 19 (date_part('epoch'::text, now()))::bigint

Last modification date/time (Unix timestamp in seconds)

entity TP_entity 2147483647 null

The referenced entity name (e.g. "contacts")

index int4 10 null

The ID of the referenced entity

flag int2 5 0

0: Regular, 1: Object only, 2: Mindlog only, 3: Monitor entry

date int8 19 (date_part('epoch'::text, now()))::bigint

Unix timestamp in seconds

sender text 2147483647 ''::text
text text 2147483647 ''::text

Record text

meta json 2147483647 null

Optional meta data

Table contained 0 rows


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PK_records_ID Primary key Asc ID
IDX_records_date_ID Performance Desc/Desc date + ID
IDX_records_entity_index Performance Asc/Asc entity + index