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Powerful REST API

In many scenarios, ZeyOS is used as a backend for other applications or micro services. Our REST API makes it as easy as possible to exchange data with ZeyOS or even to create your own extensions and apps.

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Open Database Schema

At the heart of ZeyOS runs a PostgreSQL database - one of the fastest and powerful database systems on the planet. We desigend our schema to be as accessible and comprehensive as possible, making it easy for developers to query data, write complex import/export routines or custom applications.

The database can be accessed either through the REST API or through iXML Queries.

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iXML Scripting Engine

iXML is our XML-based programming language to adapt ZeyOS and develop new apps. It is perfectly suitable for novices without a background in computer programming and is easy to learn. We offer a comprehensive documentation to get you started and assist you at any stage of development.

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