Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
ID bigserial 19 nextval('"stocktransactions_ID_seq"'::regclass)
stocktransactions.transfer FK_stocktransactions_transfer N
creator int4 10 null
users.ID FK_stocktransactions_creator N

The object creator

creationdate int8 19 (date_part('epoch'::text, now()))::bigint

Last modification date/time (Unix timestamp in seconds)

lastmodified int8 19 (date_part('epoch'::text, now()))::bigint

Last modification date/time (Unix timestamp in seconds)

item int4 10 null
items.ID FK_stocktransactions_item C
storage int4 10 null
storages.ID FK_stocktransactions_storage N

The referenced storage

transaction int4 10 null
transactions.ID FK_stocktransactions_transaction N

The underlying billing/procurement transaction

transfer int8 19 null
stocktransactions.ID FK_stocktransactions_transfer N

Flags the transaction as a transfer between two locations

flag int2 5 0

0: Booked, 1: Reserved, 2: Cancelled

date int8 19 (date_part('epoch'::text, now()))::bigint

Unix timestamp in seconds

chargenum text 2147483647 ''::text

Charge number for the referenced items (only for items with charge numbers)

location text 2147483647 ''::text
reference text 2147483647 ''::text
amount float8 17,17 null

Transaction amount

sellingprice float8 17,17 0
purchaseprice float8 17,17 0

Purchase price for the item (e.g. for later evaluation)

serials _text 2147483647 null

Array of serial numbers (only for items with serial numbers)

Table contained 0 rows


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PK_stocktransactions_ID Primary key Asc ID
UNQ_stocktransactions_transfer Must be unique Asc transfer